Battery Storage Solutions

GivEnergy Systems manufactures product that guarantee savings on electricity bills. The company’s award winning new build or retrofit Battery Storage systems are available in a range of capacities. They save money through the storage of electrical energy generated using off-peak tariffs which can then be used when costs are higher. This can be used to complement day to day energy usage and cover any extra demand that may be needed around the home.

Charging the battery using the off-peak tariff, the GivEnergy system can be combined with a Solar PV installation to maximise its efficiency and enable users to benefit by using all of the daytime excess energy in the evening.

GivEnergy’s Hybrid Inverter is an all in one battery and solar inverter. It can be coupled directly with the Solar PV panels to generate usable electricity for the property and also store any excess energy for later use in a battery.

Air Craft will provide comprehensive advice on the specification of the correct GivEnergy battery type and capacity as well as the inverter. The company will provide the specifications and a quotation based on the home’s energy requirements. Matching Solar PV panels will be sourced from from the company’s specialist distributors using include best in class products from LG, Panasonic, JA Solar and SolarEdge.

The complete installation will be fitted and commissioned by Air Craft. Information will be provided on how to monitor performance through the GiveEnergy portal. Any operational questions will be answered by Air Craft, GiveEnergy’s customer support team and on-line Knowledge Base.

In addition to GivEnergy’s Hybrid Inverters, Air Craft offers the company’s full range of new install and retrofit batteries. From the Giv-AC 3.0 3kW charge retrofit or stand alone model, which works with flexible energy tariffs, to the Giv-Bat 9.5 high capacity and modular version, the batteries come with extensive warranties. Dependent upon the model, advanced features such as wireless CT sensors, multiple monitoring points and wall mount or floor standing options are also available.

With many people now choosing to have electric vehicles, Air Craft is finding that more customers choose to include EV charge points as part of their overall project specification. Given that most things these days are internet connected and have full remote control from the smart phone, Air Craft offers the GivEnergy EV charge point to complement the GivEnergy battery storage systems.

GivEnergy have gone a stage further with the development of their control software to integrate the system with the energy provider, such as Octopus, and the car manufacturer in order to enable a seamless link between energy consumption and scheduling for the best tariffs available.

What our Customers Say

I can finally enjoy my home as intended. I can monitor and control the air conditioning from anywhere. This saves me wasting energy when I am away from home and the weather suddenly changes.

Claire Jordan, Homeowner.

What our Customers Say

For me it is about energy conservation and reducing our carbon footprint...Air Craft has helped us achieve that.

James Miskin, Property Owner

What our Customers Say

We are delighted with the air conditioning installation and with the all round expertise that Air Craft demonstrated throughout this successful project,

Homeowners, New Forest.

What our Customers Say

Without prejudice, Air Craft have been outstanding throughout the process of changing the heating system in our home and we highly recommend them.

Kevin Dew, Redlynch.

What our Customers Say

It is a big step to move to a heat pump from a conventional system. Air Craft will design the most efficient and cost effective solution. Their installation staff care about their work and we believe we chose the best company for our heat pump.

Bob Ashworth, Homeowner.

What our Customers Say

We wanted the most comfortable indoor air environment and the ability to maintain a consistent temperature all year round. Air Craft delivered.

Mark Bettridge, Homeowner.

What our Customers Say

As well as a first class installation service, Air Craft's aftercare and personal service is also very reassuring.

Dr Charles King, Oxford.

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