Intelligent Hot Water Tanks

Air Craft is an Approved Mixergy Partner dedicated to delivering homeowners with the optimum intelligent hot water tank installation and integration with Daikin Altherma Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs).

The advanced design and technology of Mixergy Intelligent hot water tanks (up to 500 litre capacity) provides a smart, cost-effective and energy efficient means of providing constant hot water for the home. They overcome the drawbacks of conventional tanks which heat all or nothing, irrespective of how much hot water is actually needed, resulting in longer heating times and wasted energy.

The new Heat Pump Cylinder offers exceptional compatibility and easy integration with Daikin Altherma ASHPs. The extremely efficient low temperature plate heat exchanger allows maximum energy transfer from the heat pump to be provided. This means the heat pump can be run at much lower flow temperatures to maintain the highest Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP).

With the Mixergy smart approach, machine artificial intelligence identifies what volume of hot water is needed and heats it only when it is required. As a result, energy consumption is lower, there are lower flow temperatures and hot water is available up to five times faster, with rapid reheat times that are some 2-5 times quicker.

Mixergy’s unique top up technology allows users to select exactly how much hot water is required and how much is available down to the last 1%. Automatic schedule control allows optimisation of water usage and heating in the cheapest possible way for the user’s specific utility tariff, whether a fixed rate, Economy 7 or smart tariffs including Agile Octopus.

With an internet connection, the Mixergy tank can be remotely controlled through its dedicated App, allowing monitoring of hot water usage, the setting of hot water levels for automatic reheating, cost calculations and remote diagnostics.

Mixergy can offer savings of up to 30% in gas consumption in some cylinder-boiler set ups, verified by the Energy Saving Trust. The company has the high credentials and is a spin-out from the University of Oxford’s Energy and Power Group (EPG) that has brought in a new approach in its mission to decarbonise the home and wider energy networks.

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What our Customers Say

I can finally enjoy my home as intended. I can monitor and control the air conditioning from anywhere. This saves me wasting energy when I am away from home and the weather suddenly changes.

Claire Jordan, Homeowner.

What our Customers Say

For me it is about energy conservation and reducing our carbon footprint...Air Craft has helped us achieve that.

James Miskin, Property Owner

What our Customers Say

We are delighted with the air conditioning installation and with the all round expertise that Air Craft demonstrated throughout this successful project,

Homeowners, New Forest.

What our Customers Say

Without prejudice, Air Craft have been outstanding throughout the process of changing the heating system in our home and we highly recommend them.

Kevin Dew, Redlynch.

What our Customers Say

It is a big step to move to a heat pump from a conventional system. Air Craft will design the most efficient and cost effective solution. Their installation staff care about their work and we believe we chose the best company for our heat pump.

Bob Ashworth, Homeowner.

What our Customers Say

We wanted the most comfortable indoor air environment and the ability to maintain a consistent temperature all year round. Air Craft delivered.

Mark Bettridge, Homeowner.

What our Customers Say

As well as a first class installation service, Air Craft's aftercare and personal service is also very reassuring.

Dr Charles King, Oxford.

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