Indoor Air Quality

There is now a vast choice of air purification systems available to the homeowner. Air Craft recognises the Plasma Air range as being the most efficient, cost-effective and simple to install. Plasma Air Whole Home Air Purification Systems use bipolar ionisation technology to purify proactively indoor air at the source of contamination. Units are designed for installation directly within air conditioning and ventilation systems within residential and commercial buildings.

This proven technology has resulted in installations throughout the world and the company’s products demonstrate high performance and greater effectiveness than traditional and HEPA filters, photocatalytic oxidation solutions and ultra-violet lighting.

Plasma Air products are mounted in the central air conditioning system. As air passes over the products, millions of positively and negatively charged ions are formed. These bipolar ions disperse into the occupied space through the duct system, proactively attacking airborne contaminants where they cause the most problems for occupants. Plasma Air is safe, low maintenance, easy-to-install, energy efficient, and highly effective on pollutants such as particulate matter, bacteria, viruses, mold spores, odours, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) including a variety of chemicals that can have adverse health effects.

The Plasma PURE 600 Series provides safe and continuous air purification to the entire home using patented brush-style bipolar ionization technology. This unit has UL2998 environmental standard validatation for zero ozone emissions and addresses the challenges being set by new viruses alongside general indoor airborne pollutants. It sets the highest standards of performance in the size of particles that can be removed from occupied spaces where contaminants less than 2.5 µ in size are neutralised.

All systems installed by Air Craft now come with the option for air purification. The Plasma Pure system is listed in the Handbook for Covid-19 Prevention and Treatment and has been tested by the Spanish Government to be up to 99% effective against SARS and Covid-19 (details available on request.)

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What our Customers Say

I can finally enjoy my home as intended. I can monitor and control the air conditioning from anywhere. This saves me wasting energy when I am away from home and the weather suddenly changes.

Claire Jordan, Homeowner.

What our Customers Say

For me it is about energy conservation and reducing our carbon footprint...Air Craft has helped us achieve that.

James Miskin, Property Owner

What our Customers Say

We are delighted with the air conditioning installation and with the all round expertise that Air Craft demonstrated throughout this successful project,

Homeowners, New Forest.

What our Customers Say

Without prejudice, Air Craft have been outstanding throughout the process of changing the heating system in our home and we highly recommend them.

Kevin Dew, Redlynch.

What our Customers Say

It is a big step to move to a heat pump from a conventional system. Air Craft will design the most efficient and cost effective solution. Their installation staff care about their work and we believe we chose the best company for our heat pump.

Bob Ashworth, Homeowner.

What our Customers Say

We wanted the most comfortable indoor air environment and the ability to maintain a consistent temperature all year round. Air Craft delivered.

Mark Bettridge, Homeowner.

What our Customers Say

As well as a first class installation service, Air Craft's aftercare and personal service is also very reassuring.

Dr Charles King, Oxford.

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