Air Source Heat Pumps

Daikin Air Source Heat Pumps

The government has set out the timeframe for the new Future Homes Standard. It plans to make new homes zero carbon ready by 2025. A renewable energy heat pump is the future of heating, hot water and cooling. By extracting heat from the air, ground or a water source, heat pumps are a sustainable, environmentally friendly solution. A heat pump could directly replace a boiler and be connected straight into an existing central heating system.

Air Craft has selected Daikin’s Altherma Air Source Heat Pumps (AHSP) for the standards they set in renewable energy product performance, design and reliability. There is no compromise between energy efficiency, sustainability and comfort. Heat pump system designs involve detailed heat loss and domestic hot water calculations. Customised solutions are tailored to suit all budgets and needs, including low temperature, high temperature and hybrid ASHP solutions.

As a Daikin Sustainable Home Expert, Air Craft sets the highest standards in all aspects of heat pump installation. It is essential that any heat pump is correctly commissioned and this is undertaken by Daikin, ensuring strict compliance with product warranty terms and peace of mind for customers. Daikin will take over the installation, offering full after sales support and maintenance.

Low Temperature ASHPs for heating, hot water and cooling are powered by 75% air and 25% electricity. With optional solar support, they are ideal for new homes of all types. When combined with underfloor heating or low temperature radiators, the configuration requires less energy to heat a home. Daikin Altherma 3 ASHPs achieve A++ seasonal efficiency.

Air to Water High Temperature ASHPs can replace an existing heating or hot water system and are ideal for renovations. The Daikin Altherma high temperature heat pump integrates seamlessly with existing piping and radiators, so users enjoy the energy efficiency of a heat pump without having to replace an entire system.

Hybrid Heat Pumps efficiently combine renewable air-to-water heat pump technology with a gas condensing boiler for heating, cooling and hot water. With smart programming the highest efficiency is ensured with up to 35% more energy savings compared with a traditional condensing boiler.

Air Craft is fully abreast of all the time-limited cashback, government grants and other financial incentives that are currently available.

The new Ofgem run BUS scheme offers a one off payment of £5000, helping to offset the upfront cost of installing a Daikin Altherma heat pump.

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What our Customers Say

I can finally enjoy my home as intended. I can monitor and control the air conditioning from anywhere. This saves me wasting energy when I am away from home and the weather suddenly changes.

Claire Jordan, Homeowner.

What our Customers Say

For me it is about energy conservation and reducing our carbon footprint...Air Craft has helped us achieve that.

James Miskin, Property Owner

What our Customers Say

We are delighted with the air conditioning installation and with the all round expertise that Air Craft demonstrated throughout this successful project,

Homeowners, New Forest.

What our Customers Say

Without prejudice, Air Craft have been outstanding throughout the process of changing the heating system in our home and we highly recommend them.

Kevin Dew, Redlynch.

What our Customers Say

It is a big step to move to a heat pump from a conventional system. Air Craft will design the most efficient and cost effective solution. Their installation staff care about their work and we believe we chose the best company for our heat pump.

Bob Ashworth, Homeowner.

What our Customers Say

We wanted the most comfortable indoor air environment and the ability to maintain a consistent temperature all year round. Air Craft delivered.

Mark Bettridge, Homeowner.

What our Customers Say

As well as a first class installation service, Air Craft's aftercare and personal service is also very reassuring.

Dr Charles King, Oxford.

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