Solar PV

Air Craft offers a range of solutions from best in class Solar PV panel and inverter manufacturers including LG, Panasonic, JA Solar, GivEnergy, SolarEdge and Solis. Complementary smart energy generation and storage solutions as well as  advice on the best adaptive tariffs are also provided.

Solar PV systems can harvest  the maximum amount of energy possible, saving as much as 70% on annual electricity bills. They are made up of multiple panels which generate direct current (DC) electricity from sunlight, even on cloudier days. Since the electricity used for household appliances is alternating current (AC), an inverter is required along with the system to convert the power. It can then be used throughout your home or exported to the grid.

What’s more solar electricity is a low carbon renewable energy and, according to the Energy Saving Trust, a  typical home solar PV system could save around one tonne of carbon per year, depending on where located in the UK.

Solar PV systems’ accompanying intuitive Apps monitor energy production and consumption in real time.

What our Customers Say

I can finally enjoy my home as intended. I can monitor and control the air conditioning from anywhere. This saves me wasting energy when I am away from home and the weather suddenly changes.

Claire Jordan, Homeowner.

What our Customers Say

For me it is about energy conservation and reducing our carbon footprint...Air Craft has helped us achieve that.

James Miskin, Property Owner

What our Customers Say

We are delighted with the air conditioning installation and with the all round expertise that Air Craft demonstrated throughout this successful project,

Homeowners, New Forest.

What our Customers Say

Without prejudice, Air Craft have been outstanding throughout the process of changing the heating system in our home and we highly recommend them.

Kevin Dew, Redlynch.

What our Customers Say

It is a big step to move to a heat pump from a conventional system. Air Craft will design the most efficient and cost effective solution. Their installation staff care about their work and we believe we chose the best company for our heat pump.

Bob Ashworth, Homeowner.

What our Customers Say

We wanted the most comfortable indoor air environment and the ability to maintain a consistent temperature all year round. Air Craft delivered.

Mark Bettridge, Homeowner.

What our Customers Say

As well as a first class installation service, Air Craft's aftercare and personal service is also very reassuring.

Dr Charles King, Oxford.

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