Bee Solar Tech solar tracking system

Generating electricity from the sun cuts costs and benefits the environment, but what if you are without vast unrestricted, structurally sound rooftop space or have challenging terrain? Previously that would have put the benefits of generating electricity using solar panels largely out of reach.


Air Craft now offers Bee Solar Tech’s Heliomotion solar tracking system. Consisting of several solar panels, held on a column mounted frame, they turn and tilt from sunrise to sunset to face the sun. The lengthened hours of generation, result in an average 40 – 45% increase in output in the UK.


Quick and easy to install you don’t need scaffolding or lifting equipment to fit.  The trackers are also easy to clean compared to traditional solar panels, maintaining their efficiency.

Heliomotion Solar tracking system
Heliomotion Solar tracking system in winter

If your roof is thatched, structurally weak, does not have a good south or west facing pitch, has gables, veluxes or is simply too beautiful to cover with rails and solar panels, ground mounted solar tracking could be a great solution for your renewable energy requirements.

What other says about Heliomotion

Build It Magazine Best Sustainable Technology or Product award winner, November 2022, manufactured in the UK and Finland, made from top grade steel and aluminium.


Shortlisted for Best Solar Project award by Solar & Storage Live, October 2022 and finalist in British Renewable Energy Award for Innovation in 2023.