Adding air conditioning to a home is a daunting task in terms of choosing the right technology, getting it to fit and the disruption of getting it installed. But having the right system will heat your indoor spaces during colder months and provide cooling during the warmer months. Lovely at this time of year.

At Air Craft, one system we install for our clients’ is the Unico System. As an approved Specialist Installer Partner, including CIPHE recognition for the Unico System, we recommend it for some of our clients as it’s much smaller than conventional systems and will fit where other systems cannot. What’s more it delivers the same level of cooling as a conventional system three times its size.

The Unico System is made up of key components: 

  • The Air Handler unit
  • The main central duct
  • Flexible supply tubing with sound deadening properties
  • Discrete room outlets
  • Return air module that can be used for providing fresh air from outside
  • Controls to quickly set and adjust indoor comfort levels all year round. 

The Air Handler unit is at the heart of every system, incorporating a variable speed fan motor, ultra-efficient coils and return air module which are managed by an intelligent S.M.A.R.T control panel for precise airflow control. It can be installed in the roof space above ceilings, in utility rooms, an adjoining garage or in a basement.

Unico system = flexibility

The Unico System has the flexibility to easily match with almost any energy source including Air Source or Ground Source Heat Pumps. It also has major advantages including its small footprint, a range of cooling and heating coils that give installers and end-users a choice of solutions, and space saving room outlets that provide superior and efficient comfort

Total Indoor Air Quality solution 

As a central air system, Unico dehumidifies better than any other system and can also offer a total Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solution with the ability to reduce airborne odours, germs, mould and bacteria in home. It comes with a standard air filter but goes further with the option of upgrading to a higher grade of filter, providing an easy means to add UV light and integration of ventilation control.

Want to find out more?  

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