Air Craft is delighted to announce that we have joined up with Bee Solar Tech to offer their Heliomotion solar tracking system. Enabling us to continue to select you the best technology for your project through our partnerships with world leading manufacturers.

Generating electricity from the sun cuts costs and benefits the environment, but what if you are without vast unrestricted, structurally sound rooftop space or have challenging terrain? Previously that would have put the benefits of generating electricity using solar panels largely out of reach.

Bee Solar Tech’s Heliomotion solar tracking system consists of several solar panels, held on a column mounted frame. They turn and tilt from sunrise to sunset to face the sun. The lengthened hours of generation, result in an average 40 – 45% increase in output in the UK.  

Quick and easy to install you don’t need scaffolding or lifting equipment to fit.  The trackers are also easy to clean compared to traditional solar panels, maintaining their efficiency. 

“We choose Bee Solar Tech as they have an innovative solution to a problem as well as indepth knowledge of the solar PV industry. We are partners at the NSBRC and regularly co host events there.” Said Darren Johnson, MD at Air Craft.

Find out more about the Heliomotion solar tracking system.