Cooling Solution Suits Home Renovation in Idyllic New Forest

One of the advantages of small duct high velocity air conditioning system is its extremely quiet operation and completely unobtrusive design. For owners of residential properties looking to renovate their existing homes, the system is the ideal solution as it can match any interior décor.  When Air Craft were approached to design a cooling solution to counter high solar heat gain in a renovated home in the New Forest, Small Duct HVAC (sdHVAC) technology was the choice.

The striking architect designed renovation features a single storey extension and vast floor to apex glazing to the front of the property. This provides stunning views across the New Forest, bringing the outside in, but it was recognised that the glazing would lead to significant heat gain within the home. This could result in potentially uncomfortably warm interior temperatures, especially during the summer months.

An additional factor that Air Craft had to consider in coming up with a solution was the  requirement that any specified air conditioning and ventilation system had to be extremely quiet and completely unobtrusive from an interior design viewpoint.

“ For projects like these, a sdHVAC system is perfect as it blends in with the internal decor and funishings of any type of property, “ says Air Craft Managing Director Darren Johnson. “There is a choice of highly discreet circular and slotted room outlets and no need for any ugly wall mounted units or ventilation grilles Not only that, but thanks to its acoustic design, it operates at very low noise levels.”

Air Craft designed and installed a zoned system which gives the owners the facility to set desired temperatures in different parts of their home. In the critical area of the atrium with its floor to ceiling glazing, Air Craft has installed a series of inconspicuous round ceiling outlets right next to the window and in the bedrooms/extension very slim 25 mm linear wall slots have been positioned high on the walls. They all inject high velocity cooled air, which is generated by the system’s high efficiency air handling unit, into the living space. The cooled and purified air is delivered evenly with minimal temperature variation throughout an individual zone.

The flexible ducting allows the system to be installed within many challenging types of building construction where space is limited or access would be impossible for the installation of rigid ductwork. In this project the challenge for the Air Craft installer team was to route and bend the ducting around the roof joists of the main building and through the small ceiling void of the new extension culminating in the room outlets.

The property also features an intelligent complete whole home automation solution. This controls lighting, security, shutters and other services. Air Craft’s understanding of this technology enabled them to work alongside the smart home contractor and ensure seamless integration of the sdHVAC system.

The whole installation can be managed remotely by smart phone and the owners have complete control of their living environment. For them, the results have been perfect, ensuring the indoor climate is always comfortable whatever the outside temperature.  “ We are delighted with the air conditioning installation and with the all round expertise that Air Craft demonstrated throughout this successful project,” the owners concluded.